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Windows - Missing wall break lines - Please help!

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I posted this the the general discussion and didn't get any help. I am wondering if anyone here can. I am so aggravated and don't have time for this problem. I am wasting so much time...

I just updated my VW 2009 software to SP5 and now the windows seem to having issues. I customize a window to the specifications I need, I make it into a symbol and if I try to edit any part of it I loose the wall break lines on the sides of the window. What is going on?

That is what I posted last week. I am now working in the windows again and I am not getting the normal "wall break" side and border lines. It is just putting the window in without the sides and sill lines. I had to go in and specifically turn the sill on and figure the numbers to be exactly the wall depth. You didn't have to do this before.

I would appreciate any help out there. Very frustrated.

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OK, so the sills/I guess header have something to do with being on the "Ceiling-Main" class. I turned that off to not see the door header and all of my window sills that I did not have specifically gone in and turn on then disappeared. You didn't have to make a sill in the previous version. Why do you have to here. And this still doesn't explain the wall caps disappearing when you modify anything. I mean anything. You open the edit window and then close it and the wall caps are gone. Help.

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The Door and Windows PIOs use the Ceiling-Main and Sills classes to turn on/off parts of the objects that NNA thinks you might not want to see some times.

The idea is that when you want a Plan view, you will turn on the Sills class and turn off the Ceiling-Main class. When you want a Reflected Ceiling Plan you will turn off the Sills class (that contains the door swing) and turn on the Ceiling-Main.

I don't know how you were using VW before or what previous version you are talking about, but it has been this way since at least VW11.

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I have been using VW 2009 for over a year now. This is something that has changed since I updated to the most recent SP5 version. I am sure that I am just missing something that needs to be turned on/off but it is different than before and I still do not understand why.

Previous to this update (SP5) when you made a new window and inserted it in a wall you could simply revise your window size, shape, etc. without turning on the sills. Then it would show with "wall caps" on each side and a "sill" that was on even when the "ceiling main" class was off.

I have figured out how to get the wall caps to turn back on I found the button for that but I still do not understand what happened to the sill lines that used to just automatically show up. Maybe I now need to go through and turn this on individually but this is still different than before and therefore takes more time than it used to.

I also do not understand why when I "edit" my window symbol it changes the image of the window by taking away the wall caps. Wall caps are not an option that I found within the symbol edit window. I can turn them back on when I am outside the edit window but not within edit. This meant that I had to highlight each window and turn the wall caps on. This is tedious and it is changing the item without my telling it to be changed.

I'm not as desperate for information now as I am not on a deadline, but I am still wonder why I am having these issues. It makes me wish I had not updated to SP5.


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