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First make sure you are drawing on a Design Layer. Set your Class to None.

Then open up the Navigation palette, click on Classes (first icon on the top row of that palette) and set your visibility to Show/Snap/Modify Others. Leave it in that setting, always, until you are expert enough to understand otherwise. (This advice is markedly different from adjusting the similar set of settings under Layers which can be changed frequently without choking off groups of classes.)

Lastly, use the 2D Reshape tool to edit your shape.

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Keep an eye on these 3 buttons when you are using the 2D selection tool

The first button lets you move objects, but not resize them.

The second button lets you move or resize objects.

The third button lets you resize multiple objects at once.

By default the 'U' key cycles between them. That could be how you unknowingly set it to that mode.



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