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Someone else told me how to do this, so now it's my turn! Create a new layer at the scale you want, and use layer linking (under the View pull-down menu) to create an image of the layer or layers you want to display. Each linked layer is a separate image, which can be unlocked and moved to any position (x,y,z) you want on the sheet/new layer. Unfortunately, the only way to show just a portion of the information on the linked layer is to create a mask (a white rectangle with a rectangle clipped out of the middle to make a "window.")

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When you have a floor plan and then you want to enlarge a portion of it, a bathroom for example, you can link a layer to the floor plan and change the scale. The problem is that now you have to mask the rest of the floor plan that you don?t want to see. A nice way to do that is to put a mask on another layer on top of the enlarged one and cut out openings in it to show what you want and with the edit polygon tool you can move and resize these openings. To avoid all this you could make the bathroom a symbol (trimming the walls) and copy it to the enlarged scale layer to assure updating. Still all this has some drawbacks. My solution so far is doing things the other way around, draw the bathroom and the immediate walls around it on the enlarged plan layer (when you are at CD level) and link it back to the floor plan layer so to get just what you want.

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