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Wall component data in worksheets

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When I have my wall styles built from several components and many of them (say, masonry or insulation) used in more than 1 wall style, is there a way of getting total volume of specific component?

The workaround I'm doing is to create cell with formula like =VOLUME((L='basement') & (WST='stone 600'))/1000000000/690*600 where "/690*600" is coefficient of specific component (600 mm) within whole wall (690 mm). Later I sum necessary cells to have total volume. This is half-automatic and therefore leaves room for error.

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This is going to be a hard thing to do. Since the components don't have names that are accessible from the worksheet.

It is probably possible to create a vectorscript that will add a custom record to every wall and include information about the thickness of the components you are interested in. That custom record could then be used in a worksheet to do the calculations you want. But if you every changed the style of a wall or redefined the wall style or added another wall, you would have to remember to run the script again to make sure the data is up to speed.

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My suggestion would be to create a second worksheet where you store the wall component details like their individual thickness.

The formulas in the first worksheet can use data from the second, and all changes can be typed into the second, taking only a Recalculate of the first.

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