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Vectorworks Landmark Training CD - Problem with Broken Reference


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Would it be possible to re-issue the 2009 Landmark Training exercises as 2010 files and (most important) replace the older DXF reference data file with one that's up to date and correctly associated to work with my 2010 Landmark? I don't have Vectorworks 2009, and can't open any of the training exercises without getting a broken reference error.

Here's what's happening in too much detail:

I've just started with the Landmark Training CD which is labeled as 2009 Series TR160 which arrived with my Landmark 2010 software. It's a single CD which takes the user through design of a 3-level park project between 2 commercial buildings. The initial project stage (1A) setup includes importing an AutoCAD file which then becomes the basis for the site plan. Although we receive a message that tells us the AutoCAD file would be saved as a newer version, we can simply say yes and save the file which works out just fine.

The problem is with all the subsequent exercises. When opening any of the exercises the first thing Landmark 2010 wants to do is convert the older 2009 Landmark file to 2010. That's fine, but I am immediately given a broken reference popup. I've tried first opening the DXF data source file and converting it to a newer version (keeping the same name, however, and removing the original file from that folder) through the AutoCAD viewer and placing it back into the file folder on my hard drive. That's still not recognized.

While this might have been a candidate for posting in the Bug Fixes area, it's really not a problem with the software, which I've kept updated and have had no other problems with so I decided to try it here.

Also, this issue makes me think I'll wait until actual 2010 training material comes out to continue training beyond this. I know there's a 2010 version of the Residential Landscape book now available. I'm hoping Jonathan Pickup will also revise his Landmark training (as he's done for the Architect training package) to 2010 as well.

John Moe

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