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Crop the Crop object - Fit to page



I often need a crop object to fit to page.

I end up editing crop & dragging the edges to the Sheet border.

Under the Purge menu there's an option to purge all items outside the sheet boundary which is almost what I mean - except if a viewport is larger that the sheet it doesn't resize/crop the viewport as you would expect/hope.

How many times do we really draw directly on a sheet layer anyway?

A single click to Crop the Crop would be really nice

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Brian, as would seem to be the case with many of these tools, there is a need for a greater choice of options. I just use the Zoom tool and draw manualy, but then, many components I design will fit in my hand and are printed at 1:1 using print visible.

Workarounds are rarely practical for everyone but the day will come when I"ll also need something more suitable for my requirements, so an increase in options is esential.

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True - but it's very untidy.

I like for my sheets to display only what I intend to print / export as pdf / export as ACAD Paperspace layout without relying on the page boundary / border to crop & mask the offending content.

It makes for much a much cleaner review of the sheet layers. I know you can zoom to page & I do but it's more intuitive for me, when using a single full sheet VP, to have it cropped to page.

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