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TERRAIN SITE MODEL in AEC: sections and road ?

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1. the easy question: is it possible and if so how to create a road on a site model that would more or less flows with the terrain?

2. still in site model: when I use the function "Site model Section" it only create ONCE a section, after that the "OK" button turns grey. Impossible to create new sections. A bug? ; can only create a section of a site model.

3. Re: Site Model Section: how to create a specific (viewpoint) terrain section that I want (specific angle) ?

Am on VW2010, iMac 3.06 Ghz, Mac OS X 10.6.2



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1) Yes it is possible (but it will take a bit of time, at least at first). First try using a Nurbs Roadway. Draw the road centerline using the polyline tool, then use the command: "Modify/Convert/Objects From Polyline". When prompted choose Nurbs Roadway for the object type. After creation you can tinker with all of the Station Points to adjust their interval(s), slope, exact elevation, etc. NOTE: ASAIK Nurbs Roads are limited in that they cannot double back on themselves, so no loops or cul-de-sacs are possible, however you can use a Nurbs Road in combination with other road types (or even other object types - like roof faces or floors) to get what you're after. I have attached a screen shot of a nurbs road on a fairly difficult site (for this project it was necessary to cut & fill quite substantially in order to make the road work - thus this particular road is not sitting on the unmodified terrain).

2 & 3) You can use the "Create Section Viewport" command on any 3d model, including a site model. This tales a section at a user defined line. See the Help for more on Section VP creation.

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