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Exporting EPS Problems

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I frequently have problems exporting image files. This post is specifically about EPS.

I often get unexpected lines and shapes which are totally different from the vectorworks drawing.

Interestingly the EPS preview comes out correctly, although the eps is wrong, which can be verified by printing it or MacGSView

A sample set of files can be found at: www.colman.stephenson.org/vwepsproblem.zip

This includes the VW 8.5.2 file, the eps and a tif from the VW file.

Set-up: VW 8.5.2 on OS 9.1 on a range of G4s and iMacs

Can anyone help?


Colman Stephenson

Julian Harrap Architects, UK

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I have tried to export eps files (on a pc) from Vectorworks, to use in photoshop or quark. I get the same error message: "The file can't be parsed and will not open". Typically what you see in other applications may be the tiff preview which rides along with the eps file. As best I can tell vectorworks uses an eps format that is anitquated. Not all eps formats are the same. Software vendors use variations of the format; adobe happens to use a format which works well between its applications. For that matter Quark has no problem (that I have found) reading Photoshop generated eps files. I find myself resigned to using tiffs to export my vectorworks drawings, despite the better quality of an eps for line work with color. I realize this doesn't help much, but at least you know you're not alone.

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There is an alternate way of exporting EPS files on the Mac which I find to be helpful in some situations.

Go into the Chooser and select the Apple LaserWriter driver (Even if you do not have one). Then go back and use the print command from VectorWorks. In the LaserWriter print dialog, change your destination to "File" and use the settings menu to go to "Save as File".

Here you can change the format from PostScript Job to "EPS No Preview". Click on the save button and name your eps file.

Matthew Giampapa

Technical Support


Originally posted by Colman Stephenson:

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't have Illustrator (maybe I should)


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