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how can i open corrupted vwx file

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time to go back to your backup copy. you should have a system going where you back up your work every day, or if you are like me, backup every hour. That way you can go back to a previous copy.

Vectorworks can create backup copies of your work, storing as many backup copies as you want. Of course this doesn't help out at the moment, sorry.

But for the future, you should set your autosave to store several copies automatically, and you should have a good backup system onto DVD, or hard drive.

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Nagesh, sorry, this file looks really lost.

If you don't have a backup copy, there will be no way to recover your file. Perhaps NNA can help you as last option.

Actually this only ever happened to me when I un-plugged the computer while the file was saving (wise, isn't it).


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