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Searching for recent Linux threads did not show anything, so here we go.

I have always had an interest in Linux. Since I am getting a new laptop (I am a PC), I thought I would install Linux to play with. Is anyone running Linux ? What disco, are you using Wine, Virtual Box or other?

thks in advance

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Hi Thom,

I only run linux and have VW2010 running pretty well. I use Ubuntu 10.04 and wine 1.3. You'll need to install a few things to get it running properly. Winetricks is awesome for this. I installed dotnet (not sure exactly which version it needs as i installed all available), gdiplus, visual basic runtime and visual C++ libraries (once again i installed all available).

I get the occasional weird thing happening but nothing that makes it unusable. I'm also very stubborn and refuse to let it beat me or to use windows or osx as my operating system.

Occasional weird things would include -

Occasional crashes when editing text - I usually chose to delete and write the text again

Copy and paste can behave strangely. If i click anywhere in the drawing between copying and pasting i get the last thing i copied from my desktop (in txt form) rather than the vectorworks symbol i'm trying to duplicate.

Graphics updates can lag. By which i mean things like - changing which document i'm browsing in the resource browser can take a while to show different symbols. Also typing in new coordinates for a symbol or line seems to display one step behind until i either move the mouse cursor over the drawing area or click on a drop down menu. I'm pretty sure these things are graphics card related as is only occasionally frustrating on my laptop not my desktop.

Changing which drawing is active via the window menu plain doesn't work. I have to set the drawings to be windowed and click on the one i want then i can set it to full screen again.

That's all the weirdness i can think of right now but i'm quite happy to add things to the list as i find them along with my work around if you're interested.

O and i'm using fundamentals and spotlight.



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