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3d component of symbols disappearing

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Have you tried Help/Check For Updates

We do not have the update as yet in oz

Cannot wait to test SP4

This bug has driven me nuts since VW 2008 with plant geometry going missing

Just yesterday as I have a Class - Plants-ComponentCircle - the circle appeared when that Class was turned off in a Plant

By sending the circle to the back in the Plant Geometry was how I think we could align the plant Tag to centre

In Edit Plant the circle could not be selected so turn the Class off and on - big crasho

Tried again and fixed it

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Haven't had this problem since updating. But if anyone still has the problem. Activate all classes, Save the document, close it and open it again. Symbols should be back. Of course you want to save your view before activating all classes so you can go back to where you were.

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