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Viewport background to black? & bitmaps

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I have a problem and a probable bug that I haven't seen before.

I've created several custom-projection sheet-layer viewports of a fairly simple 3-D model of extruded solids.

1) When I "background render" the viewports in Open GL, they come out bitmapped at fairly rough resolution. No changes in resolution settings that I can find improves that: not those accessed through the OIP, or Prefs. The viewports are fairly small scale, 1/16", but I can't imagine that makes a difference?

2) The apparent bug occured when I decided to foreground render hidden line on top of the Open GL. It came out with a black background, which I could not figure out any way to get rid of. When I returned to just Open GL, the black background remained, and all my efforts have not gotten rid of it.

Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks.

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