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Double window count


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Here is one that has me really stumped.

I have a 3-story house and many of the windows and doors are the same, so I used and =COUNT in the database headers of the Door and Window Schedules.

All of the window and door counts are perfect, except for the only window I have on the bottom floor. It counts that one twice. The opening dimensions are still properly shown.

* The doors on not double counted.

* I've deleted the window, and count goes from 3 to 1 (which is accurate).

* I put a new one in - it goes back from 1 to 3.

* I've switch it to different layers Mod-Floor-1, Mod-Slab-1, and so on and it still double counts.

* I added the same window to other floors (Mod-Floor-2 and so on) and the count is accurate.

Any clue as to what I could be doing wrong here would be greatly appreciated. Although I could just manually put a 2 over that box on the sheet, I'd rather have it work properly in case there are any changes during the plan check process.

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Viewports are, by default, excluded from reports. And for a good reason: it seems to me that eg. the crop has no effect: all items that could be shown, are counted.

Actually, is that a good reason? In fact, it is a bad reason: counts should be able to be limited to viewports only and within crops. Thus, one could have drawing-specific (SLVP) reports and overall reports.

Have to think about & test referenced drawings a bit more. DLVPs should probably be able to be entirely excluded more easily than by complex and practically-impossible-to-edit-in-a-meaningful-way -criteria.

(Why can't we select which criterion we want to delete? The one could be #2 in a list of 20. Now we need to delete 19, then reinstate the 18 we want. Shocking, absolutely shocking. OK: some of us can manipulate the query as expressed as statements, but how many can? 1 in 1000?)

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This is to the point where I can't think about it properly. But it does turn out there is a door that is double counted on the same level so I'm sure it is a DLV. I'm still not 100% clear on what I did wrong or how to correct it, so I just manually put the correct number in front of the schedule, hiding the wrong number. LOL

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