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3D Connexion Space Navigator PE - Loss of function.

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I have had a Space Navigator PE now for almost a year and for the most part love it but I do not use it often as most of my work is in 2D.

I have notice lately that I have lost the zoom and pan functions on the unit which kind of defeat the purpose of the 3D mouse. I have the latest software versions and drivers for the mouse and these functions are activated on the 3D connexion control panel.

I am still able to tilt/spin/and roll and if I use it on another supported software like Google Earth zoom and pan are available.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to restore this functionality?

Thanks for you help.

By the way, this loss of functionality happened long before I upgraded to snow leopard.

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For me, the SpaceNavigator does not work at all in VW2011. It is as if the functionality has simply been turned off. It worked well in VW2008 before I "upgraded." I have seen this issue with both service packs.

The SpaceNavigator is functioning normally in other applications.

MacPro 8 core 2.26 6GB

OSX 10.6.5

VW2011 Spotlight SP2

SpaceNavigator PE

3DXware SE 1.6.2

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I talked to VW and 3D Connection about the problem when I was evaluating VW 2011 and each one is pointing at the other. I doesn't look like anyone wants to do anything to fix it. So the people that bought hardware on good faith that it would be continued to be supported are now stuck with an expensive paper weight.

This is why I haven't bothered upgrading from VW 2009

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I hope that NNA brings back the function of the navigator to VW it works so well in C4D its a drag not to be able to use it in VW!

(comment comes from research to see if there was a workaround to fix the space navigator continuing not to function, no such like, unless someone else has found away:))

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I just purchased VW Spotlight 2011 and I am trying to get my Space Navigator to work too with no luck.

I thought it was supported and when I could not get it to work I came across this post.

It will be a great shame if this is not fixed as it is a device that once you start using is difficult to live without when doing any sort of 2D/3D work.

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So SP3 fixed this but I still see some odd behaviour and dont know if it is normal or not as I am very new to VW.

The Space Navigator works as expected in TOP/PLAN view but when in any other 2D view any movement of the Navigator turns the view to a custom 3D view. This is really annoying as I want to be able to zoom in and pan around my 2D views.

Another thing that is odd is that in the Isometric views I cannot zoom in/out or pan using the navigator.

I have been through the set up of the space navigator and all seems correct so I dont know what do do.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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