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Old Stair Object - Guardrail Baluster Spacing


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There is no code that requires one baluster per tread. Balusters just need to be anchored to withstand a certain amount of pressure per lineal foot.

I use a baluster at 48" maximum on center and then use cables at 4" o.c. to create the guardrail.

The new stair object can do this, but it can't continue the guardrail past the steps - only the handrail. The old object would continue the guardrail, but I can't get the balusters to the correct spacing...

Very frustrating...

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you can also just use the guardrail tool separately - more flexibility that way. Same rule applies though - if the stair design changes, then you'll end up changing the guardrail separately as well. But maybe you won't have to re-draw it completely. Would have been handy if you could get the stair and handrails to "stick" to each other though...

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