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Interior Cad

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Hi All

I looked at Interior Cad quite a while ago. At that time as I recall they did not have much ability to use cnc. I looked at a demo with someone named Stephan. Other than that they seemed to have a pretty slick program. I have been using Solidworks and Autocad. Solidworks is pretty good at 3d but time consuming and poor at exporting to cnc. Autocad is good at exporting to cnc but poor at modeling. I thought I would check in for an update on Interior Cad. We do commercial and find soldmodeling useful, we do very little conventional cabinets which is why I'm still looking for the "holy grail".

Is there anyone in my situation using Interior Cad that would like to offer their take on Interior Cad? particularly regarding cnc. I currently use Enroute.

Do they have any support for So Calif or the United States?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Pat,

You may want to contact the friendly folks at InteriorCAD directly giving them specifics regarding make and model of your intended CNC process. From what I understand, some makes and model "speak to each other" better than others.

I do know from my VERY limited exposure to InteriorCAD, it is a great piece of software for designing casework!


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sorry for the silence. Most of our engineering team is on an extended holiday break and I'm just trying to catch up on my e-mails and RSS-feeds.

Unfortunately, there's no holy grail. Our main focus so far has been to provide a seamless CNC interface for our cabinet plug-in objects. In interiorcad 2009 & 2010, we have made some progress on manually designing objects for NC output, but most of it is not yet based on solid-models built with Vectorworks, but 2 1/2 D stuff derived from VW 3D objects.

Most of interiorcads NC-output is targeted towards standard WOP-software packages bundled with machines like WoodWOP, NC-Studio, NCHops, IMAWOP, XILOG and others. We do not have an interface to Enroute at this moment (I know there have been talks with the Enroute guys to use their .mpr import interface, but it looks like it's not yet up to the task of importing full-fledged mpr files). We do not support going the "Export DXF route" yet, as exporting CNC-information via DXF is pretty tedious and you will lose all the CNC-semantics added in Vectorworks.

Hope this provides a more complete picture,


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Thanks for the honest answer.

Yup no Holy Grail...

Your program looks very slick almost magic. But as a fabricator we look at where the rubber meets the road and work backwards which eliminates most of the offerings outside of standard box production and sound like where your software will remain for the foreseeable future.


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On the topic of NC code, is one machine's software better for integration to interiorCAD than the other? Currently I'm considering either and SCM Pratix N12 (Xilog Plus) or the Biesse Skill GFT (Biesseworks). Will InteriorCAD work with both of these equally well? Our work...at least to start will mainly deal with typical casework.

VW2010 SP4 architect, InteriorCAD

MacBook Pro 2.4

4GB, 256MB video

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