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Ceiling-main does not respond to Standard Naming!

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I have STANDARD NAMING turned on. I have the worksheet "ClassNameStds" in my drawing. I have the "use standard naming" check box checked and Standard Naming set to point to our office's standard in the spreadsheet. Our office's standard differs from the default: Our version of class "ceiling-main" is called "ceiling_main" (with an underbar, not a hyphen).

Despite the settings in standard naming, windows and doors persist in introducing the class "ceiling-main" and disregarding the correct name which is listed in ClassnameStds.

is this a bug or do the VW window and door tools ignore the "standard name" process?

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It's probably hard coded into the window and door PIO's.

The doors and windows themselves get classed, but nobody thought to read the file for secondary items.

Oops, I'll take that back, the "style-X" classes do...for door and window PIO's.

But other PIO's don't, so you wind up with "style-custom1" and "style-1" in the same drawing.

There is a parameter of the PIO for the tag, but nothing for the ceiling.

personally, I don't see much to be gained from changing "-" in layer names to "_" even if you should be able to do it.

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Two follow-up comments.

1. The Vectorworks documentation claims that Standard Naming allows the classes created by the door and window tool to be selected from the options in the ClassNameStds shipped with Vectorworks. Although included in the translation table, ceiling-main does not respond to standard naming. It will not translate to any of the alternative naming conventions shipped with Vectorworks (Such as AIA) or to our office's customized standard. Is this a bug? Is the documentation erroneous?

2. Why we want to use "Standard Naming" is beside the point. Either it works as advertised or it doesn't. Does it work? If not, is there a fix?

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