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Best ways to manage files?

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I've just upgraded to Vectorworks 2010 from Vectorworks 9.something... Big upgrade! Anyway, I'm a little lost as to how to organize my drawings. I have used Autocad before and understand paper space and model space and sheet files versus drawing files. That's how I was using Vectorworks 9. But I want to make sure I'm using the program to it's full potential. How do I organize my files? I'm an architect and have plans, elevations, interior elevations, details, etc. 3-d stuff is not a priority at this point. (I use something else for that right now). Please help. Thanks!! -Lisa

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Lisa: Use the FILE/DOCUMENT SETTINGS at the beginning of a new drawing. Start at the top command and work down. You can set units, printer settings, sheet sizes and types, titleblocks, viewports, scale and so on before you even begin drawing. It also sets up your classes and layers depending on the sheet types you choose (site plan, floor plans, elevations, sections, electrical, furniture etc.)It makes short work of organizing any drawing.

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Autocad Model Space = VW Design Layers

Autocad Paper Space = VW Sheet Layers

Whilst you can have a Title Block on a Design Layer if you wish to

Best is create a Viewport on A Sheet Layer - remember to always do this in None Class

...this is good, just to clarify you could say AutoCAD Paperspace Viewport = SLVP (Sheet Layer View Port) on Sheet Layers

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