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How do I view dashed lines in a design layer?

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I'm pretty sure that this is affected by two things: the first and most important is the zoom level at which you are viewing. Often when zoomed out at ?50% or less the dashes get lost and look like an un-dashed line. Try zooming in closer and see if the dashes appear. The second thing to try is to check to see if you have the "Zoom Line Thickness" preference checked in VW's preferences/display. This might also be affecting the visibility of dashed lines. One other note: certain dash styles are notoriously hard to see at low zooms levels because they have very small gaps between the solid segments. You might have some success in editing your dash styles to make the gaps a bit wider (as long as that doesn't mess with your graphic sensibilities too much!). P

PS: Still would be worthwhile to post a screenshot and/or file showing us what you're seeing (or not seeing).

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I have the same question about the visibility of the dashed lines. Because the line is dashed when I zoom in to 100%, but becomes a continuous line when I zoom to a level on which I want to draw. Is there a possibility to have VW automatically correct and adjust the gaps and the line lenght of the dash according the zoomlevel? I mean the proportions of the dash stay the same, no matter how many percent the zoomlevel actually is.

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