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Hi All,

I have set up my drawing with:

First Floor: Z=0, delta-Z=9'-0"

Second Floor: Z= 10'-0", delta-Z=9'-0"

Floor slabs 1'-0" in between

...and am getting the following in the OIP, bottom Z= -10'-0", delta-Z=20'-0" (see screen shot).

I don't have time to individually select each wall & correct them (or maybe I do)

1) Is there a custom selection option that will allow me to correct the Z & delta-Z, to match my drawing setup?

2) Why is this happening?



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Hi Jeremy, there are a couple ways that this can occur, nearly always it's user error (otherwise known as "oops"). I am gathering from your note and screenshot that it's the walls on the second floor that are giving you trouble? If so, you could use the Custom Selection command to select all the walls on that layer, then reset them all at once by typing the appropriate values into the OIP. Let us know how it works.

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