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Why does my keynote legend appear outside the viewport?


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Hi, all. Maybe this is a configuration problem, but when I add notes to a sheet layer viewport, the keynote legend appears outside the "edit annotation" window instead of right there where I'm working. I can't even see the notes until I exit the viewport annotation. Is this supposed to work that way or is it possible for the legend to be inserted inside the annotation window?

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The logic is that the Keynote Legend belongs to a layer, either Design Layer or Sheet Layer, so a user can subscribe Callouts/keynotes to it from another layer or viewport, simultaneously. If it were embedded in a VP Annotation Space, it would add a unnecessary level of container complexity to allow the subscription functionality. Also, keeping the Keynote legend outside the SLVP allows users to delete/edit VPs without affecting the Keynote Legend and its connection to other Callouts/keynotes on other Sheet Layers or Design Layers.

To see the Keynote Legend while in the VP Annotation Space, you just need to have the "Show other objects while in editing modes" option turned on in the Vectorworks preferences.

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you can use the eyedropper to pick up the attributes of one formated keynote legend and apply the Title Formatting and Body Formatting.

If you set the preferences on the eyedropper correctly, it will set the default Title and Body formatting. On my computer, it has trouble with the width of the body, but otherwise it does set the title and body formatting.

this only works in one file. but if you do this in your template file, then every project will have the formatting you want.

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