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Script to loop through selected objects

Daryl Wood

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This would be a relatively straight forward script to create, though you could add some layers of complexity with user interaction and error checking.

The general structure would be to use ForEachObject to step through selected objects of type wall. Increment a global variable on each pass, and set the field with SetRField.

Are you looking for some guidance on getting started with VS in general, or are you getting stuck on the particulars of the script?

You may want to have a look at http://scs-inc.us/Other/VSFR/default.php and the record and document list examples at http://www.nemetschek.net/support/custom/vscript/example.php.


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Hello Josh,

Thanks for the Reply. I realize this is a relatively straight forward script and thought maybe someone had written one I could use without spending the time necessary to write it myself. I just don't want to re-invent the wheel for something like this. It's all about the balance of time, you know.

I do, however, feel that it may be worth the time necessary to make something like that as generic as possible in order to easily modify it and use it to quickly populate incremental data. I use a lot of worksheets as schedules in my designs so this would be very useful to me.

Thanks for the two links, I'll check them out.


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