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Walls and textures

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I put textures on my walls. I have walls on multiple layers.

When I render the building (all layers) I got the textures, but you can see where each layer ends/begins because of the texture alignment. So I want to shift the texture of the walls. But whatever you fill in at the vertical position, they don't move up or down. This works with regular 3D objects, but the walls don't take those info in them.

How can I solve this to have good mapping of the textures so that the building looks clean?

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Once "Left" (or any particular part of the wall) has been changed to a setting of its own, then making it conform to "Overall" requires the user to change the pulldown of that particular part to "Revert to Overall". I have always found this totally unintuitive and frustrating, and have fought with with it many times, especially in files received from colleagues.

In my own files I try very hard to predefine my walls (or at least the exterior walls) by class so that I can quickly and easily change their textures/colors with a single action (eg: class definition).

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