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Set an object to multiple classes?

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Hey guys,

Beginning vectorworks user here (just took the class over at Irvine for spotlight 2010).

I am working on a small plot diagram in vwx that has multiple rooms. Inside each room there are rig points that are labeled on my sheet. What I did was make these rig points a 2d/3d object and I had first assigned them to the class of RigPoint->A (as there are rooms a, b, c, d, etc etc).

I later decided that i'd like to individually be able to make them visible or invisible so what I did was create a number next to the room letter and made multiple classes.

So they are now organized as RigPoint-A1, RigPoint-A2, etc.

My problem is when I changed each of these rigpoints to their proper class label, they took on both the class label I changed them to, and kept the original one (I had renamed it to RigPoint-A1).

So every rigpoint somehow has two class properties.

Now, what I did to fix this was I edited the class that all of them are assigned to and made it a "master class" (RigPoint-A) then added a new RigPoint-A1 and assigned the first RigPoint to it.

This was kind of nice as now I can turn ALL of the rigpoints off instantly from the RigPoint-A class, or I can change one off by its RigPoint-A#, but I have no idea how I did it.

I am kind of assuming this could be a bug as I don't know of a way to set an object to two different classes, but i'm also a very novice user and I'd like to see if somehow there is a way to do this.

Can anyone give me some insight if this is possible and if so how is it done? I'd like to be able to do this for each of my rooms if it is possible!

*note* I realize another was to do a master "class" is actually set them all to a certain layer, but I'm using layer for the entire room as I need to be able to turn on or off the entire room depending on if its being utilized...just FYI.

Thanks for any help you all can be! First time poster, but I plan on spending a lot more time here and the knowledge base (which I did try to search for the answer there first before asking here)!


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Welcome to the forum.

An object can't have more than one class.

Think of symbols as a container. The symbol container itself can have a class and the objects within a symbol can also each have a class. Groups work the same.

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Hrmm, then it must be a bug.

Ahh well, I guess it's a bug that's actually helpful to me! Wish I could do the same for the other rooms!


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I don't think it is a bug, it's the behavior of a symbol. If you would post a sample file here it would be easier to explain.

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Symbols and groups are containers.

They can be assigned a class, a layer, and graphic attributes.

The objects within the container can be assigned a class and graphic attributes.

If you turn off the class of the container, you cannot see the objects.

If you turn off the class of an object within the container you will not see it, but you will see the container and objects within it of other classes.

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Hi everyone,

I just have a question. Is it possible to get class descriptions tab in ORGANISATION for the AEC_UK.sta? It can be a very useful feature since the coding of the classes can be quite daunting.

Many Thanks,


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