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keyboard shortcuts?

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new to vectorworks (coming from autocad)

using 2010 architect on a mac

ques: can the various tool and command key commands be customized to be whatever you want? (more specifically without using the command or option keys)

after reading the help and knowledge base on workspaces and editing keyboard shortcuts, i'm still mystified as to how to make "t" the key command for TRIM, for instance. (it seems like a lot of the key assignments are random, and i'd like to make them a little more sensible.)

how is this done?

humble thanks up front!

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Mnemonically you are right, most of the hot keys do not seem to make sense. However, the keys are actually laid out that similar and frequent functions are in groups. Personally I've found it works really well with one hand on the keyboard and the the other on the mouse.

Search for message #98318 - user David L did a nice graphic layout of the default keys. Maybe the default layout will make more sense to you in this format.

Good luck and welcome on board!

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Ah, my favorite legacy frustration.

1. Base shortcuts on Minicad default, two-column tool layout, rotated, and laid graphically, in order, across the keyboard.

2. Allow user to resize tool layout (3 wide, 4 wide, etc.)

3. Allow user to add, remove, and reorganize tools and toolsets.

4. Add new tools and features.

5. User will remember Minicad default, right?

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