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Which mouse

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The old Mighty Mouse was great if you didn't mind losing scroll functionality after the first hour of use.

Magic Mouse however is rather good so far, after a little tweaking with BetterTouchTool. Whether it's worth the price tag is up to you, but it does seem like Apple finally produced a mouse worth using.

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I used the mighty mouse by Apple for as long as its on the market. Never had a problem with it and use VW daily.

Scroll functionality is perfect.

I also bought the magic mouse and it seems indeed good as well. Although I wonder if I want to move a mouse around that has the weight of two batteries in it. I used a bluetooth mouse before and did away with it because I always felt response lag time however little.

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I use the "Logitech Performance Mouse MX" and find it to be excellent for drafting in Vectorworks. You can program its buttons to perform certain keystrokes which my hand and brain are very used to at this point. I did purchase a Mighty Mouse to check out. It sits on my desk for web surfing and general use...nice design, touch pad technique cool, but it doesn't cut it for me in terms of drafting. Low profile is something that is taking me awhile to get used to. The Logitech is pricey but I feel well worth it.....good luck.

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I use a corded, Logitech M500. It has a couple of extra buttons that I have configured to [esc] & [x]. My hand & brain are also quite used to that now. I have found, however, that Logitech's software is not very good. I use SteerMouse, instead, and it works flawlessly.

I tried the Magic Mouse and, while I found it wonderful for surfing & general use, I didn't like it very much for drafting.

I have a colleague who uses a Bamboo tablet. He loves it.

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Guest Wes Gardner

I think there was an earlier discussion regarding this - make sure the thing FITS IN YOUR HAND and is comfortable.

I use a fairly common corded Microsoft mouse because: it fits in my hand, has a nice scroll wheel (for zooming) and pushing down on it activates panning. Two button - pretty standard stuff...

My wireless mouse ran out of batteries once too often at crunch time...

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I used the mighty mouse by Apple for as long as its on the market. Never had a problem with it and use VW daily.

Scroll functionality is perfect.

You must have the ultimate in "office hands" then, because I consider myself clean yet found the trackball got full of dirt incredibly quickly. Perhaps mine was another case of Apple's early adopter botch job program/tax.

I find the weight gives it a more robust feel... much like the original PS3 controllers feeling terribly cheap in comparison to the 360's, if you've experienced that.

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The Logitech cordless optical track ball rules! I've set buttons for cntrl, Alt, Alt+shift, and Shift. This has allowed me to use keyboard shortcuts, extremely easily (one handed, rt hand stays on the track ball). I did have to down load a slightly older software, to maximize the button programming, but it works great.

Here's the Link for the earlier software. It's mouseware 9.79 english.



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I got a Logitech Trackman Wheel yesterday but had to give up on it after 20mins of frustration.

I find the ball navigation method too laborious compared with just moving the mouse to move across the screen to various menus. Maybe it's me but a mouse is far snappier and lets me work really fast. I can't imagine ever being able to work that fast with this Logitech device though,

Maybe it's a case of learning how to use the thumb, but honestly for navigating around a 24" screen I can't see how it can match a zippy mouse.


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Mainly it just takes time to get used to.

I used a Trackman for about the last 10 years. I love it, but the buttons are getting flakey. I have to push really hard to make sure it is down if I want to drag.

I opted for the Kensington TurboMouse. I have been using it about a week and am just now starting to get comfortable with it. I am still trying to use my thumb to move the mouse.

I did find that if I was doing more than 2 or 3 hours a day of drawing (I mostly do Word, Excel and Email), that my thumb would get very sore. I am not sure I would recommend it as a drawing pointer if you draw full time.

If you think you MIGHT like it, you just have to say you are going to use nothing else for a week and see if you get better.

Also, play with the settings. You should be able to adjust the tracking speed so you can get across the monitor with a fairly small motion of your thumb.

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I use a Logitech MX-610 and its the best CAD mouse I've ever used, mainly because it has 12 assignable button functions. Unfortunately its no longer available. It is not even Mac compatible, but with the SteerMouse driver I have all 12 buttons programmed. I've tried a lot of mice over the years and find the Logitech models provide the most available functions while being the most comfortable for me.

Besides the pan and zoom functions on the scroll wheel, I have the Selection Tool, Resource Browser, Object Info palette, shift select and delete functions programmed along with the 3 Expose and Dashboard functions.

The Performance Mouse MX is good and has 9 button functions, but it is $100.

I've tried trackballs over the years (Kensington and Logitech) but always found them more difficult to draw with. I did like them more for general mousing in other apps, but I spend most of my time drawing.

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BTW: I found some new (so they say) MX-610 mice in eBay or $36. You might take a look. I will probably buy a couple more - as backups for when mine die.


On a Mac you will need a third party driver like Steer Mouse $20.


I recently got a Logitech Performance MX from Logitech as a warranty replacement for a previous version that croaked. It is very nice and better at some things but it pricey.

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I've used trackballs since 2001, but the latest Logitech product haven't made that happy. The latest Trackball Optical has a wireless connection which interferes with other wireless devices or mobile phones ??? or whatever makes the connection unstable. ---> unusable

So I recently bought a Bamboo Fun Pen&Touch medium.

I love that device.

For the normal office work (word-excel-entourage) I use the Multitouch option like an my macbook, and for drawing in Vectorworks the Pen works amazing fluid, precise and fast.

The size of the Tablet is perfect for my the 2 Screen setup of my Desktop,

and I draw much faster and much more natural than before.

Edited by Horst M.
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