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trim contours to like boundary lines

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I am still using VW 12.5. I have not used the site modeling much so therefore I am green at it. I am thinking of upgrading to 2010. At the end of these questions will you advise me if 2010 will be easier and better for the work I do.

I do designing for land improvement projects such as lakes, aquaculture ponds also I am getting into landscape design.

I am designing a recreational lake. It has several different components or features, such as the Retention structure 600-700' long and at the highest 18'.

A bypass emergency spillway which will consist of cut excavation, that permits the water to escape during periods of heavy rain. It is designed at the very end of the structure. A core trench which is is excavated and rests directly beneath the retention structure, and backfilled with select material and forms the base that the dam structure rests on.

Additionally we will create with the lake bottom and perhaps on the sides borrow areas to obtain material to construct the dam. The water line will follow a contour line created by the site model.

I have brought in the survey data thru AEC Survey/ Input/ Import Survey Data. This particular project contains 127 acres and includes over 5000 survey points. The configuration of the project is irregular, therefor the contour lines do not stop at the boundary lines


Can I trim or clip the contour lines to the parcel boundary lines on the site model, as a part of my client presentation?

Can the "+'s" in the site model as well as the elev's be turned off or hidden, for client presentation.

Do each one of the described components of the design need to reside on its own dedicated layer or class. I ask this because it is impossible to design these components with out over lap, of either fence or site modifier such as pad.

(when I imported the survey I checked site modifiers on all levels.)

Can I design the complete design using stake objects, on one layer?

(it is essential that I have cut/fill volumes)

Now in the future will 2010 be better for these kind of projects?

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2010 will be better

You can trim the contours to the parcel boundary - just a smidge outside would probably be better - just store the originals elsewhere

What are "=s+?

Elevations can be turned off for presentations

You can tell the site model to get its data from one Layer or all Layers

Stake Objects on one layer - yes but I prefer contours

2010 would be better - more accurate probably and VW 2010 is much better than VW 12 in many ways Rotated Plan just one aspect

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I think VW 2010 will be much better. I also think (haven't used this feature yet) that you can use site modifiers on only visible layers, expanding the choices from VW 2009 and previous which were one layer or all layers.

I had an L shaped property, and trimed the site model with a polygon just outside the boundary. It used to be called Hull, but in 2010 they have changed the name and improved it.

Not really germain, but I did trim contours on a recent project to just outside a site and another engineer on the project sent back the base map with the contours trimmed right to the PL. I wanted to know how the drainage came under the road and on to the site, but she just couldn't understand why I went past the property lines.....

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