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Beam Draw version 3 released

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Community Board Members,

After several years of between-shows development, I'm pleased to release my latest version of Beam Draw plug-ins. The update includes the following enhancements:

? Easy conversion of beam objects into SpotLight lighting devices.

? Visualization of shutter cuts. You can drag the shutters right in the drawing!

? Improved data on how your light focuses, like maximum width, pan, and tilt.

? A completely redesigned Beam Draw Section object lets you visualize beam sections in a 2D view. This is a fully interactive tool, and will even draw a figure for you, and show you what portion of the section includes the full width of your focus area.

? The ability to read photometric data from your symbol library, letting you easily try different unit types.

? A command to reverse and repeat beams, including shutter cuts and bottle rotations.

? If you are working with one system of beams at a time, you can easily channel them, and the data will be transferred when you convert the beams to Spotlight lighting devices.

? Quickly file away beams in a system to their own, hidden layer.

? Beam Draw Magic, which pulls position and channel data from your beams for use on a sheet layer magic sheet. You can even adjust your channel numbers to accommodate similarly focused or reverse-and-repeated systems.

For more information or to download a demo, visit http://www.benghiatlighting.com/software or read the press release at http://www.benghiatlighting.com/JBLD%20releases%20Beam%20Draw.pdf.




Joshua Benghiat Lighting Design

VectorWorks Plug-Ins



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