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2010 30 Day Trial

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I received the 30 day trial disc of VW 2010 & would like to take a look as I'm still using 2008.

If I install the 2010, will it overwrite my copy of 2008? Can't take a chance on being without it & I can't find anything in any of the documentation that came with the sample disc.

I would assume it installs as a completely separate application but don't want to risk losing 2008 or any related preference files, etc.

Thanks for any help!

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No, as Jonathan says, it should not overwrite or erase any previous versions. One thing you should be aware of is that often simply double clicking on a VW's file that was created in an older version will automatically open the file in the newer version (with an alert, of course). For this reason I advise being aware of which version you are opening (and saving!) in.

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Thanks for the replies.

That's what I assumed but was too chicken to chance it.

I still find an old VW8 file every so often & when I open it I get the "file was created in an older version" message you mention.

I'll probably make some copies of 2008 files to play with when evaluating the 2010 upgrade.

Thanks again!

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