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Problem with Save in VW 2009

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I worked on a project all night last night, saving continuously (as I habitually do). This morning I opened the file and a very early version of the file appeared, with the last several hours of work missing. Strange thing is that when I single click on the file in the finder (Mac OS X.5), the preview shows all of the missing work. However, when I open the file, it's nowhere to be found.


Please help!

Thanks, -David

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Some ideas:

1. Check your class and layer visibility settings. You may have set some things to invisible.

2. Zoom out a ways and select all - your new drawing elements may be far from the current view area.

3. Also, are you sure you opened the same file which shows the preview of the saved work? Maybe you opened an older file, maybe a backup with similar name?

4. A relaunch of VW and/or a system restart might be in order.

Best of luck. If preview shows it, it should be in the file somewhere.


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