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Cannot Switch Files in Window Menu

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I've seen this pop up a couple of times since version 12 and haven't seen a resolution.

-Did you recently install any new software or change anything else on your computer?

-If you would post your computer specs including memory and graphics card and version it may help to troubleshoot.

-You may want to call tech support.

-If you do find a resolution please post it here.

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This same thing literally just started happening to me. Haven't loaded anything new or recent in a while, but also haven't used Vectorworks heavily in the last few months.

Could this be another of those Quicktime related bugs?

Running Vectorworks 2009 on:

Windows Vista 64 bit

ASUS P5Q Pro P45 Mobo

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0 Ghz

Asus Radeon HD 4850 512MB

Corsair Dominator 4GB RAM

Corsair 650TX PSU

Thanks for any help

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I see this issue quite a bit. I've concluded that (at least @ my end) the problem is linked to the quantity of menu items in a given Workspace. I reach a point at which switching between drawings no longer works; I delete a few items from the menus; all is good again.

FWIW, my "every-day" Workspace is from-scratch custom and includes items from the different Designer modules; commands from several 3rd-party packages, one of which adds 50 or 60 commands; and several items of my own.

If you've recently modified your Workspace, you might consider doing a little pruning.

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I submitted a bug report with the same issue. Here's the response I got:

try reducing the number of fonts you have installed below 300 to see if it helps? This is a known issue and in most cases reducing the number of fonts installed helps.

This fixed the problem.

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