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I am having trouble figuring out how to make a certain form. I have created a glass cone section hollowing out the inside and cutting off the top so I have a solid subtraction. Now I want to create a swooping solid area similar to a spiral that is wider at the big end and skinny at the little end. I am stumped. Maybe I am overlooking a tool or a process. I could wrap the solid part over the glass part if I could figure out how to create it.

Thanks [Confused]

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You may think of it as a flat vine very large at the large part of the cone and smaller at the small part of the cone. The cone is inverted and the skinny part cut off like an upside down teepee. The solid part could be on the outside that would look nice.

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I think the direction you need to go is to use the "Create helix-spiral" command. You draw a straight line and then invoke the "create helix" tool in the model menu, and it will draw a spiral around the straight line. You can then specify different beginning and ending radii in the object info palette to get the spiral to get smaller as it goes up (like string going up a christmas tree" Then you can draw a section...maybe a circle or rectangle, (but make sure your section is the smallest section in your spiral shape" and then select the spiral and your section and invoke the "extrude to path" option. In the object info palette, you can change your extrude option from "uniform" to "exponential" and then type in a value greater than 1...maybe 3 or 4.

The end result is a shape that spirals up and gets smaller as it spirals up. There are a few things that might crop up, but if you experiment with the values in the object info palette, you should get it.

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