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Autocad imported callout arrows

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New user to VW. When I import CAD into VW, the callout's arrows are no longer attached to the leader line. Is there a setting to correct this? Also all of the arrows come in and look normal in design layer but are HUGE in sheet layer.

I finally figured out that the arrows are detached as I was only selecting the leader line.

2) Also I dont understand the dimension 0.125". Does this mean the dimension when measured from the sheet layer?

3) when I export to CAD with my callout arrows, will CAD read them as two separate entities, as a line & a separate arrow object? This could be problematic with sharing with consultants.



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Welcome Colin, that's a lot of questions ;-)

1) Sheet layers are always at 1:1 scale. Viewports[VP] (and other objects) can be placed on Sheet Layers. VP's are made from (or derived, or refer to) "parent data" located in Design Layers. Design Layers can have any (user defined) scale. VP's can be shown at any (user defined) scale. If you double click (or right click) a VP you will be given three options: Edit VP Crop; Edit (or go to ) Design Layer; or Edit Annotations. This third option will allow you to enter "annotation space" which "belongs" to that specific VP and is "to scale". We generally place notes and dimensions in the annotation of a specific VP. VP's also have a button called Advanced Properties which has (among other things) a setting for arrow head size (as a proportion or ratio of the scaled size).

2) Yes, .0125 (or 1/8") is probably the actual (1:1) dimension. Enter the annotations (or the design layer) and you will be able to create "actual" (to scale) dimensions....

3) I assume you mean export to "dwg". That depends on how they are created.

Two general comments: VW's is a VERY complex and deep piece of software. You (and any new user) will benefit greatly from getting some professional training to get you started in the right direction. It usually doesn't take long for users to be off and running, with a little guidance up front.

Also, it is generally advantageous if you create a Signature (in the My Stuff pulldown above) so that your system and VW's info is included in each post.


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