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Can't snap with Snap Loupe after panning

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I'm trying to use this (seemingly) handy Snap Loupe in VW2009 but I can't seem to get it to work. It seems that, if I pan in the middle of an action, snap loupe no longer snaps.

If I start a dimension, for example, I can hit the Z key and zoom in to locate my starting point. Then if I pan (using my middle mouse button) to get closer to the next point, when I hit the Z key, I zoom in but when I click, I zoom back out without having actually snapped on anything. The dimension command is still waiting for my next point.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Is there some setting that I'm missing?



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I have the same problems with the snap loupe. In fact it seems pretty inconsistent overall. Also, frequently when I'm trying to place a dimension, after selecting the 2 points I want to dimension, the dimension is locked along the line of what Im dimensioning. (That's a lot of 'dimension' in one sentence).

Pretty annoying. I have to escape out of the command and start again. Hopefully this will be fixed when I upgrade to 2010.

VW 2009 SP4 Architect

Macbook Pro 2.4

OSx 10.5.8

3GB ram


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