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Worksheet function question

Daryl Wood

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I just sticked with same issue. =Deg2Rad(angle) works only if a number is entered instead of "angle". I tried to use a reference to another cell, it didn't work with "FramingMember.pitch" cell but was working with if I entered a number instead of formula in that cell. I think the question is about format in which the result is given. The ? symbol behind the number makes the mess. And WV Worksheets obviously are lacking of sufficient possibilities to manipulate with numbers and text strings to retrieve it in usable format or with usable content (? symbol stripped out).

My guess is that you were trying to calculate the length of framing member with formula like =(FramingMember.LineLength+FramingMember.overhang)/cosDEG2RAD(FramingMember.pitch), am I correct?

Otherwise - this calculation could be easily included in Framing member PIO, giving possibility to retrieve length of an element with single record.field call (for example, FramingMember.Length). There are 2 ways out of this - give this as a wishlist item and wait for next release of VW with a hope this will be included, or - make your own PIO which does exactly what you want.

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The pitch field of the framing member object is defined as a text field.

You are correct that the Value function for conversion between a string and a number does not recognize the degree symbol.

The third option (after writing your own PIO or waiting and hoping), it to attach a custom record and write a small vectorscript (or ask for us to help you write it) that will go through all the framing objects and get the text version of the pitch and store it in the custom record as a numeric field that you can use in the worksheet.

I would also suggest that you file a bug report on the framing member object as the pitch should really be a number not a text field.

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