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Toggling "Zoom Line thickness"

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(you might like to skip to the last paragraph first)

Go to Tools > Scripts > Vectorscript Plugin Editor

Click on New, type in Toggle Zoom Line Thickness, then click on OK.

Click on Script, then paste in the code below.

Procedure TogglePref;

PrefID := 9;

PrefStatus := GetPref(PrefID);
SetPref(PrefID, NOT PrefStatus);


Click on Category and type in View.

Click on Done.

Now go to Tools > Workspaces > Workspace Editor, choose which workspace you want to edit, find script (under View), then drag it across to the right where you want it.

You could add it to the View menu so you can activate it from the View menu bar, or you could add it to the Document and Object Contexts so you can activate it from a contextual menu (right-click).

Or?what I do?forget the above, open the file you're working on, go to the Resource Browser and create a new Vectorscript, create a new Palette called 'View toggles', select it then click on Select, name the script Toggle Zoom Line Thickness, then paste the above code in. Now you have a little palette available at all times. Do this for your default template too.

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Running scripts and accessing custom palettes may work well for this. But they have their own clicks and activation processes so are not always short cuts. Mousing through drop down menus is the worst for me, so I often turn to built in VW key commands:

As you know, Zoom Line Thickness is in the Display tab of VW Prefs

The key command to open the VW prefs is Cmd, (command and comma keys)

This key command opens the VW prefs to previously active tab in the session.

Press Cmd,

Click the Display tab if necessary (Prefs will open in Display mode next access)

Toggle the Zoom

Press RETURN to exit the pref box.

Now if the Pref window could stay open after a pref change, access would be one key (F3) via Expose'. Oh well.


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We used to have it in the contextual menus too. The advantage of putting it in a palette in one's default template is in offices with multiple seats. Makes it much simpler to manage.

NNA should really include this view toggle (and Guides) by default in the contextual menus. That's the best place for it from the user's point of view.

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