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Part of rendering clipped?

HP Sauce

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Thanks, it'll look a hell of a lot better in final quality I must admit; preliminary and unpolished currently. But yes, the soffit at the far end with the tell-tale VW page box showing through... what on earth causes this? I even tried modelling another soffit beyond the first one to see if that fixed it, but no.

PS Congrats on that quad core - apparently we couldn't wait the 5 days for it to be released and ended up with the 27" dual core model. Oh well, lighting fast nonetheless.

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Yes, FQ (or better) will improve it a lot. I would need to have a look at the file to see if I could figure it out. Maybe others have ideas?? If I had to make a guess I'd say that there is something in your model that got accidentally moved, shifted, deleted, whatever (in other words, operator error -- too many late nights at the computer). That's what it usually is for me ;-)

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OK, I opened the file (in version 2010) and noticed that there is a "Camera Match Mask" object, in the VP Annotations, pretty much right where the problem was(?).

In any case, I updated the VP and it looked fine. Then I changed the render mode to FQRW and updated again. I have attached the result. NOTE: I made no other changes to the file!

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