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Prevent boundary line of sheet layer viewports from plotting?

Doug L

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How do you prevent the line around viewports on sheet layers from plotting? In the pallete, selecting None for pen still results in a box printed around the viewport. If I create a new class and set the pen to None, same result. Nothing in the Obj Info pallette seems to control this either. Is there another way?

(Separately, but related, attempting to change the viewport line to a wider line also had no effect. A work around for that was to draw a separate rectangle on top of the viewport boundaries. But when you plot with a rendering/sketch style, you end up with 2 visible lines).

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Thanks Eric. That worked. Just forgot to open up the viewport's edit crop first. Its strange that you can change the solid square shape (pen style) to None BEFORE opening the viewport's edit crop, but it doesn't do anything. To avoid confusion, perhaps the pen style (and fill style and line style) should be grayed out when you single click on a viewport to avoid confusion. Or describe the correct steps in future versions of the documentation (didn't find it there).

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