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Hunter B

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I'm having the same problem. I can't shutter my instruments. So I opened a new file. I put in a simple floor and a couple of instruments and they shutter fine.

So I copied all of the elements of my original drawing (except the lighting instruments) into a new document. I then added new lighting instruments directly from the entertainment library. I still don't have shutter cuts.

If I select "draw beam", the shutter cuts are shown. They just don't render.

I'll let you know if I find out anything. Something in the file must be conflicting with shutter cuts.

The shutter feature is fantastic. Especially from the OIP. You put in a value and a few seconds later you see the result. Now only if I can get it to render in a larger file!

Two files attached:

An image showing the beam drawn, but the cuts don't render.

The VW file demonstrating the problem.

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Way to go Kevin! For anyone else: Click in a blank area of the page so no objects are selected. Change the fill to solid in the attributes palette. You may have to refresh your instruments in the Spotlight menu to see the change.

Kevin is my new best friend.

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