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Are you trying to access your own resources that you have created in an older version or resources that are in the VW library?

Add a signature to your posts showing your setup, it can help with future questions.

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Resources that are in the VW library. In the 2008 version you needed to almost unlock your resource folder and then you could access all of them. But stupidly enough I can't remember how I did it. At the moment I can't even place a chair or render a wall. And I will do the signature thing now. Thanks for your help

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(Resources are a cumbersome beast!!)

Open a file and open the resource browser.

Click on the little arrow and select find resource.

Type in what you're looking for i.e. Glass, and select the 'files on disk' radio button.

Once the search is complete select all and press the select button, bottom right.

Alternatively.....(with your working file open) navigate to the libraries in 2009 [Vectorworks 2009/libraries/textures, and open a file, i.e. Nature.

Then open your working file but select the nature file in the resource browser. Select the files you want and right click to import into your current document. (see PNG, notice I have 'Untitled' file open, but the textures flooring....open in the resource browser)

As I said this is not intuitive by any stretch....perhaps someone else might be able to make it clearer. Hopefully I have not confused you more.

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