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Texture Beds

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Does anyone know if it is possible to add a thickness to a texture bed? Working with the site DTM is virtually impossible to create a realistic looking site and I am having to use texture beds for all my roads and curbs. So if I could add a thickness to it would be great.


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I dont know the answer im afraid but i seem to be having a problem with texture beds and as they are working for you i figured id ask your advise if you dont mind!!...

i have created the texture bed and updated my model but it seems to cut the area i want to texture and lift it way up above my model... higher that that of the elevation i indicate in the object info... any ideas why that is? i tried sending to surface but it doesn't respond to that either..

it also colours it grey rather than the colour or texture i would like... its the perfect tool for existing drives etc. as you mention i just cant get it to work right.. would be great to hear your thoughts cos im running out of ideas..

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I tend to leave my elevation of the Texture bed set at 0" that way it is set right ontop of the model. I dont believe the "the send to surface" command works for site modifiers. To get it to color and texture correctly make sure you type in the class layer in the object info. This can be confusing because you can select the class from the basic drop down but the wont change it correctly. You will need to type in it just below the box that states "Apply to"

Hope that helps,

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you don't need to use send to surface with a texture bed, it will sit directly on the site model. if you set the elevation above 0, the texture bed will float above the site model.

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