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Blackout line paint pattern


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I've drawn a 3d room with a sloping ceiling. I gave the walls a lighter, neutral color. There is a blackout line 18'8" AFF - the walls need to be painted black from there up. I'm not sure how to paint the walls this way in Vectorworks, in a way that will render nicely.

The easiest workaround that I could come up with was to add a second wall inside the existing one, 1/32" thick, with black fill. I set the height of the wall to equal the distance from the blackout line to the highest point of the ceiling, and the Bot Z to 18'8".

I didn't add vertices to this fa?ade wall, as I did with the real wall, to follow the slope of the ceiling, so the fa?ade wall actually extends above the ceiling in most places. This is OK when rendering the interior of this room, but not so great when rendering in an upper isometric view with the roof off. I'll have to mess with my fa?ade wall later to get it to follow the ceiling.

Is there a more elegant way to put a paint pattern on a wall in Vectorworks?

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