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BIM translate to AutoCAD?


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You will have to use export to IFC to transfer BIM data and the results are very inconsistent.

Three dimensional Vectorworks drawings do not export well into the DWG format. The best you could do is 2D to DWG.

On the positive side most government entities have no idea how to use the BIM data they collect or want to collect. Most of the other programs translate poorly to IFC as well.

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IFC stands for Industry Foundation Class a standard for translation of graphic BIM data sponsored by BuildingSmart (formerly IAI).

There is a thread by Jeff Ouillette of Nemetschek that shows a comparison of IFC data exported to various programs. That is very telling of what translates and how the graphics will look.

There are various levels of IFC compatibility. REVIT and Archicad achieve a somewhat higher level of translation of information. Vectorworks Architects meets the minimum standards.

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The ifcwiki.org shows Vectorworks Architect to be certified to IFC-X2 standards.

Whether that is a meaningful standard or not, I don't know.

It does not appear to me that anyone could do very much with any of the drawings or data that is exported into IFC format. I sure would not want a Structural or M/E Engineer or Contractor working with what I have seen come out of any IFC translation.

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