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Editing Focus Point containers and Inventory look

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Glad to here it. For your other question once you put the symbol in your file you edit it like you would any other symbol. Right click on it and select edit. After that it will ask you 2d, 3d and a couple of other things. Select which you want to change and then it will take you to that component of the symbol and you can make what ever changes you want. If you are wanting to change the library itself I recommend finding the file and coping it under a new name. Then open the copy and edit it the same way. From what I can tell the Library file are just VW files with nothing in them but symbols.

Hope this is helpful.

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What do you mean by lighting position inventory? Do you mean the position summary for the lighting position, where you can sum insts, sum colors, sum circuits...? Do you know how to change the formatting of the position summary? (Font style and size, text positioning, etc). I am having a problem where the "Num Required Circuits:" is too big to fit in its container. The titles like "Instrument Summary" and "Color Summary" are shifted down slightly and also do not fit in their containers. I am using VectorWorks 2009.

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