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lines not drawing

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suddenly I cannot draw lines. As i draw the line changes to a faint orange colour and disappears when I click off it. I know I must have hit some key combo for this but how do I get back to regular drawing?

(update)-- ok disregard above post... stupidly set lines to "0" and didn't notice... not used to some of the new features



(just upgraded last week)

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Then it seems obvious that functionality should be:

1. Set pen to "None" if you neither want the line on screen nor printed.

2. Set lineweight to "0" if you want the line on screen (vaguely indicated as a guide or reference) but do not want it printed.

Otherwise the functionality of lineweight 0 is redundant and unnecessary. Moreover, "lineweight" is an indication of how thick the line will print and does not implicitly correlate to how the line is drawn on screen -- if lineweight is 0, the line should be displayed (lightly, perhaps) but not printed. This would be a great way to handle non-printing classes and elements.

The functionality of the Locus is similar in that it displays a point on screen, for reference, but does not print.

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Ugh, I should be more careful. When you set a line to "None" it automatically defaults to "0.00" and vice versa. Nevermind.

I suppose I was leading myself down a path that I've always felt odd in Vectorworks. That is -- unlike AutoCAD's defpoints -- the None class prints unless you turn it off in each viewport. I sort of wish the None class (or any class, really) could just be non-printable by default (or toggled via class settings).

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