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How to rotate hatch pattern?

Doug L

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How do you rotate a hatch pattern? Checking and unchecking Rotate In Wall and Rotate in Symbol in Edit Hatch had no effect.

I found these web instructions: at: http://download2cf.nemetschek.net/www_misc/2010/Vectorworks%202010%20Help/Data/15_Vectorworks/07_ImageGradFills/Editing_Hatch_Fills.htm

1. Click the Attribute Mapping tool from the Basic or Visualization tool set.

2. Click on an object containing an associative hatch fill. Only one object at a time can be edited.

3. An editing object with eight handles is placed over the hatch. The hatch origin is at the lower left corner of the editing object, where the red and green lines meet.

However, item #3 doesn't happen. Is this only a feature of VW 2010 and not 2009? Is there another way? Its a rectangular shaped stone pattern and I need it to align with a plaza that is not true north.

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