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Copying geometry from viewport?

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A question: does anyone know of a way to copy geometry out of a viewport and onto the layer that you're working on?

I ask because we used to be able to copy lines etc out of layerlinks of layers from other files referenced in, but now referencing other files in into viewports we don't seem to be able to.

Yes, we could cut and paste in place from the original design file, but then we'd have to open that design file, find the bit, cut, paste, rotate and place in exactly the right place. Before the (for example) related elevation would have been referenced and layerlinked into the correct location in my section and I could just have unlocked that layerlink, taken the lines (eg roof profile) from it and pasted in place on my section.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


VW2010 on iMac and MacPro running OS 10.5.8

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Duplicate the Viewport. Convert>Convert to Lines. [or skip the duplicate step and Convert Copy to Lines] Move to a design layer.

Pay attention to the scale of the layer you move it to. The lines will stay at their "paper size" and scale to the layer scale.



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