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DTM error

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I am trying to do a cut & fill DTM, and keep getting the message " The 'To' DTM must be totally enclosed by, or have the same border as, the 'From' DTM"

I have tried using the DTM user boundary thing, and this does not seem to help. Have alo tried reversing the To and From, but this doesn't seem to have any effect either.

Any suggestions?

Even more confusing is that sometimes this message does not appear, even using exactly the same data. However, if it does not appear, and seems to be calculating the cut & fill DTM, the computer freezes. Would really appreciate some help on this one.


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stella,i'm not sure if you ever got the DTM to work. i'm trying to make a cut-and-fill out of an "existing" and a "proposed" dtm-symbol, the footprint of the latter being completely enclosed by the existing. i don't even get a prompt or dialog box out of using the cut-and-fill command. the online help on that subject refers to the dtm commands of vectorworks 8.5 and is completely obsolet. any ideas?

thanks,dietmar lorenz

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I have found that if you move either the proposed or existing dtm symbol, say to see the proposed next to the existing dtm symbol, the cut and fill will not work. But I have also encountered numerous other inexplicable problems with the new dtm method that nna tech have not been able to explain even after numerous emails to them.

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