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Exporting into Piranesi

Tom G.

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I'm exporting from design layers in wireframe and getting a rendered, jaggy model displaying in the Piranesi window. Do I need to run the Piranesi tool which turns the rendered model into lines? And will that reduce the jaggies? My export rendering dpi is set high. As is typical, the Help file is devoid of practical advice on exporting.

Mac Snow Leopard

MacBook Pro 2.5

4 Gigs Ram

Vwks 2010 Designer, updated

Piranesi 5.1

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Only just picked this up. Hope its not too late.

As highpass mentions, in the Piranesi/epix export dialogue, set the image size to reflect a higher dpi setting. The standard is 72dpi and this cannot be changed, at least not with 2008/09. You probably want to output close to 300 dpi, in which case, multiply either the width or the height of the pixel dimensions by 4 to give 288dpi - ie simply type '*4' and enter after one of the two dimensions and VW will calculate the pixel size of both for you.

Once exported, check the resolution in the Piranesi file properties and real world dimensions match.

The export Epix/Piranesi available with renderworks would always appear to use (final quality?) renderworks with shadows irrespective of preview setting. The ePix file is a multi channel raster format file.

If you don't have renderworks, then you need to use Vedute as supplied with Piranesi. Its use is quite different as it takes a dxf (amongst other formats) vector file as input and renders this into a epix raster file which can then be loaded into Piranesi.

It is far easier to set views using the Epix export function if available, even though it does not output the colour names which subsequently translate to Piranesi materials.

I have a Vectorworks to Piranesi tutorial if anyone is interested.

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