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Perspective view changes when making SLVP in VW2010

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If I use a camera to create a view of my model and then create a Sheet Layer Viewport of that view, the resulting SLVP shows the perspective as if the viewpoint has been moved down 10' +/-.

The camera view looks just fine in when looking at design layers but the SLVP view actually puts the viewpoint UNDER my ground plane so all I see is small parts of the building that are under ground.

Has anyone else had this experience?

I have a feeling that my problem is somehow related to the new "Unified View" but don't know if there is a setting somewhere that I'm missing.


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yes i've got this problem friend. Glad to hear i'm not alone

Most of the time I see nothing in The Viewport at all, sometimes the model is very far away below, just as you describe.

I carefully set up an attractive scene, only to find the viewport empty as mother hubbards cupboard in the sheet layer.

I have emailed VW tech support in the UK about this. I will let you know if i get a reply.

I have IBM PC 64 BIT- What you runnin'?


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I can't duplicate that at all - mine works perfectly...

I've attached two images, the camera is set on the First Floor layer with a "height of eye" of 5'-0" and a "Look To" height of 30'-0". I get the same view (other than the background) on both the Design Layer and Sheet Layer.

Can you post-up a simple file where you're having these issues, and perhaps state what version of VW and system specs?

Is it possible that your camera is on another layer with its "Z" height set "way up (or down)" so you are looking over the top of the objects?

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I think this issue has something to do with the Unified View (UV). I've experienced some other odd behavior with the camera that makes me think that the camera can't decide where 0 (z elevation, 0) is.

Before UV, the camera's 0 was the "floor" of the layer you were working on. So, if i set up a camera on the second floor (z=10') and set it's view height to 5', the camera would be at a z height of 15'. I think that there's a chance that, with UV, the camera sometimes sets it's view height based on true z-0 rather than the floor that you were working on. This would explain why my views sort of fall through the floor and why Wes' worked just fine.

Wes, can you do a test with the camera on a layer with z set to something above 0?

Andrew, I'm on a mac. See my sig for specifics.

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Try this: When you create the slvp, make sure that the layer that the camera view is on is active. This seemed to solve the same problem for me yesterday.

That doesn't seem to help me. The camera layer was active.

The only solution that I've found is to only place cameras with a z height of 0. Kind of a pain. Seems like we should be able to put a camera on any layer we like - was that way before VW2010.

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I've had this problem too. And haven't figured out a fix. It's happened with other VP's as well....namely when I make a change to cabinets in InteriorCAD. If I copy+paste a cabinet front another file, all the VP's move up or down. They all move the same amount though.

VW 2010 SP4 Architect/InteriorCAD

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